Apex Testing Laboratories Inc.

A materials testing, special inspections, geotechnical, environmental and specialty inspection firm, Serving Since 1996.

Our laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art testing apparatus. We own equipment for on-site testing of compacted soil, fresh concrete and nondestructive steel. We continually upgrade our laboratory equipment and training methods to keep up with industry changes in technique and technology. The scope of our work includes bridge, airports and highway structures, high-rise commercial and industrial facilities, schools, streets, underground structures and mechanical and electrical systems. Our clients include industrial and commercial companies, contractors, developers, architects, engineers and government organizations.

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Why Work With Apex Testing Laboratories?


Because our services are needed at different stages in a project’s timeline, it is not uncommon for clients to work with the firm from project inception through construction. Working with one firm that can provide all these services saves our clients time and money.

The knowledge that we can share as a team also allows us to have a better understanding of the project. Apex’s engineers and project engineers/managers have the experience to assist with consultation of materials-related issues at the construction site. Each of our engineers work actively and regularly with our construction materials testing staff and have practical construction-related experience to address a wide variety of on-site issues.

The locations of our offices, which are situated fairly close to one another, enable us to flexibly and responsively service project sites and share resources, experience and knowledge across the company.