Special Inspection Services

Special inspection is the monitoring of materials, installation, fabrication, erection and placement of components and connections that require special expertise that are critical to the integrity of the structure. Special inspection is required to ensure compliance with the approved construction documents (plans) and standards referenced in the applicable codes.

Apex provides the following list of special inspection services:

1) Steel Construction 

    • Material verification of cold-formed steel deck
    • Inspection of welding for cold-formed steel deck and reinforcing steel.
    •  Structural Welding: Visual and Non-Destructive testing

2) Concrete construction

    • Reinforcing steel, including prestressing tendons and placement
    • Anchors cast in concrete.
    • Anchors post-installed in hardened concrete members.
    • Verifying use of required design mix.
    • Sampling fresh concrete, and performing slump, air content and fresh concrete temperature at time of making specimens for strength tests
    • Proper application techniques for concrete and shotcrete placement
    • Maintaining specified curing temperature and techniques
    • Prestressed concrete, including application of prestressing forces and grouting of bonded prestressing tendons
    • Erecting precast concrete members
    • Verifying in-situ concrete strength prior to stressing of tendons in post-tensioned concrete, and prior to the removal of shores and forms from beams and structural slabs
    • Formwork for shape, location and dimensions of concrete members.
    • PT Concrete
    • Shotcrete
    • Grout
    • Structural Masonry

3) Soils 

4) Piles, Drilled Piers and Caissons

5) Reinforced Concrete

6) High-Strength Bolts

7) Spray-Applied Fireproofing

8) Nailing and Framing

9) Epoxy and Mechanical Anchors

10) NACE Coating Inspections

Special Inspection Services

SBE And MBE Certified

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