Specialty Services

Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness (FF/FL Testing)

One of the things that distinguishes a high tolerance floor is its F-number requirement. F-numbers were developed in the 1980s to provide a systematic, quantitative way to indicate the flatness and levelness of a concrete floor. The higher the F-number, the flatter or more level the floor. There are actually three F-numbers that are used for concrete floors, depending on whether the floor will have a random traffic pattern or defined traffic aisles.

Water Infiltration Testing

On numerous new Hospital Projects, we have provided water infiltration testing on new window wall systems at the site.  Initially each window system mock-up is tested with an airtight system that creates contract required positive air pressure on the outside of the window system and negative air pressure on the inside of the window system.  Then water is applied to the outside of the window system to see if water can be sucked through the window system.  Once each of the new window system configurations mock-ups pass the water infiltration testing, a number of random windows of each joint configuration are tested in the field. Typically, if the random tests in the field do not pass the test, then they are repaired and retested until they pass, and more random windows are selected to be tested until they pass on the first test.

MEP Type Inspections

Inspections may need to be performed in lieu of City & County Inspectors such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, Fire/Life Safety, etc. for numerous reasons such as; some of the project work is not under jurisdiction of the JHA (Jurisdiction Having Authority), work needs to be performed and covered up during night and/or weekend hours when the JHA is unable to provide inspection or the JHA is unable to be responsive to the fast track nature of the project.

Smoke Control Testing

At both the New SFO Hyatt Grand Hotel and the SFO Airtrain project, Apex provided Smoke Control Testing and Inspections.  This is a very complicated testing procedure to confirm that in case of a fire the smoke evacuation system works in accordance with the specified contract documents.  It is a difficult procedure to provide enough smoke to mirror actual fire/smoke conditions and then to also measure and make sure the evacuation system is working as required.

SBE And MBE Certified

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