SFMTA UCSF Platform and Track Improvement

SFMTA Contract No. 1305, UCSF Platform and Track Improvement Project (the Project), will create a new center boarding platform (320 feet by 16 feet), which can accommodate the anticipated ridership with the current commercial and residential uses in the Mission Bay neighborhood and the development under construction by the Golden State Warriors organization (GSW). GSW is constructing the Warriors Arena & Mixed-Use Complex (Warriors Arena Project) in San Francisco. This Warriors Arena Project is in the Mission Bay neighborhood bounded by 3rd Street, 16th Street, South Street, and Terry Francois Boulevard, and includes a 12-acre site with one million square feet of “Commercial/Industrial” entitlements. Public transportation (Muni, BART, and Caltrain) will play a key role in serving this new destination.

Scope of Work (As of February 2019)

  • Concrete Placement, Sampling and Testing
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Soil Compaction Observation
  • Soil Lab Testing
  • Shop and Field Welding
  • Batch Plant Inspection
  • Epoxy Observation
  • Torque and Pull Out Testing